Please print and fill out this contract.
You may bring it into the store with your items for consignment.

Second Bloom Consignment Agreement

We accept designer/name brand clothing which has been freshly pressed, cleaned, on a hanger and ready to sell. All apparel and accessories are to be in current style, must be smoke-free, and in excellent condition.

Articles will be placed on a 60-day consecutive agreement period. For the first 30 days items will be marked at "full price" as determined by SBc (Second Bloom corporation). After 30 days, items will be discounted at the sole discretion of SBc.

When the 60 day consecutive period has ended, all unsold items are considered abandoned and become the sole property of SBc. If you would like your items returned, YOU must call SBc at least five (5) business days before your 60 day consecutive period has ended to arrange pick up of your items.

Please note that we are constantly donating items to many worthy Rochester organizations and due to space we are not responsible for any of your items after 65 days.

You receive one-half of the price listed on your articles, less any regularly scheduled markdowns and buyer's fee; a buyer's fee will be added to the price tage of each item. The fee is passed on to the buyer and will not be reflected on your inventory list.

Monies owed totalling $10.00 or less will be store credit only. SBc will write checks for $10.01 or greater. Stop in any time for monies owed to you. It is the consignor's responsibility to pick up the check. At the end of nine months, money not picked up by consignors will become the property of SBc.

We look forward to providing you with professional, friendly customer service, maintaining excellent quality and an ever-changing inventory.

Oops!!! We did not catch a spot, tear, rip, broken zipper, chip, etc. when we accepted your items. Those items without exception will be donated.

SBc is not responsible for loss or damages to articles put on consignment due to fire, water, smoke, natural disaster, theft and/or other causes. SBc is not responsible to contact the consignor by phone or mail for any reason.

Please print and fill out this contract. You may bring it into the store with your items for consignment.

Date _________________

Name ______________________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________   State __________   Zip Code ______________

Evening Phone ____________________________   Daytime Phone ____________________________

Birthday Month ____________________   E-Mail ____________________________________________

After your items expire do you want items back?   YES   NO   (please circle one)